Tip of the Day #1

When you're hanging something on your wall, remember there are wires and pipes hidden inside your wall. Don't just stick big screws in there or you'll create a huge issue.

Tip of the Day #2

I compete against handyman franchises (I'm not a franchise) that can be very expensive. Mr. Handyman is a local franchise in Malvern. He charges $250 for the first hour  (or first 20 minutes ) and $100/hour thereafter. They charge $75 to go to Lowes plus a 20% markup on purchases. They want your credit card and signature up front before they'll consider helping you.

My rates average $50/hour. I'm licensed and insured and I hope you find that fair. I don't have a contract to sign nor do I need your credit card to get started. We can shake hands and come to an agreement.

Tip of the Day #3

When your electric goes off during a storm, make sure you unplug anything sensitive like computers and televisions. When the electric is turned back on, the surge can ruin your hardware. Doesn't matter if you have a surge protector. Filing a claim with insurance is a hassle you can avoid by simply unplugging things.

Tip of the Day #4
When you purchase anything from a retailer, pay attention to the packaging. If it's heavily taped, it was probably purchased, something was stolen from it, then returned. Very frustrating to get home to find a package with missing parts. People have no shame.

I've really enjoyed helping families with their handyman requests ever since I was a kid helping my dad with our neighbors requests.

Here is a list of some of the services I provide:

  • Carpentry, closets, shelving, furniture repair and assembly
  • To-do lists. Punch lists. Honey-do lists. Whatever you call them, I love doing lists of projects.
  • ​Home decorating, curtains and blind installation
  • Lights, ceiling fans, appliance installation and removal
  • Deck repairs, cleaning, and power washing
  • Weather stripping, insulation and home sealing
  • Painting, caulking and drywall repair
  • Pressure washing and gutter cleaning
  • I am also available as a second set of hands for do-it-yourselfers.
  • References available. Fully insured.

If it isn't listed above, please ask! Call Mike Ellis at 484-682-5493 or you can text him also if more convenient.

Beadboard is perfect to update your old, tiled bathroom without spending $1,500 on demolition.

Handyman Mike Ellis, Phoenixville, PA

484-682-5493. Call or text

Licensed and insured. PA HIC # 122101

Tip of the Day #5

When you go on vacation, turn off your water main valve. Don't come home to a flooded house. If your homeowners covers the damage, your house gets listed on a mold registry since the flood got water and mold in your walls, ducts and everywhere.

Why won't your homeowners's insurance cover? They'll claim it wasn't a sudden event and deny coverage.

Not only is it much more difficult to sell your house when you're listed on a mold registry, but your policy may be cancelled forcing you to renew and buy a more expensive policy for houses listed on the mold registry. Your real estate broker has access to this datebase if you're buying a house.

Go find the shutoff valve right now if you're not sure where it is and show everyone in your house how to shut it off. My friend's pipe froze last month and it took them 40 minutes to locate the shutoff valve in the basement, all the while flooding their house.

Tip of the Day #6

Be careful when purchasing countertops and other products from the big-box stores.  A friend purchased a granite countertop that is too heavy for the existing cabinetry underneath. Now the cabinets are cracking. The store told them the granite will crack next. 

The main problem is the big-box stores hire third-party installers (from Jersey??) When there is a problem, they're quick to tell you to call the installer who may or may not return your calls. Legally, you're in a lot of trouble, especially with companies out of state.

​Hence the expression, "tailgate warranty." Once the tailgate disappears over the hill, there goes your warranty.

So stick with local carpenters and installers. I know a bunch to recommend. Many cost less than the big-box companies as you're dealing direct with the installers. And you won't have a problem with their warranty. The cabinets should've been shored up prior to installation of the granite. 

Please fill out form to send Handyman Mike Ellis your requests. Or you can call  or text him at 484-682-5493 for a free quote. Thank you.

Phoenixville Handyman. Locally owned and operated by Mike Ellis, resident of Phoenixville for over 15 years. Before you pay a handyman franchise over $100/hour, please call  or text me at 484-682-5493 for free quotes and to answer all your questions.

Phoenixville Handyman. Licensed and insured. HIC # PA1221101. Locally owned and operated by Mike Ellis, resident of Phoenixville for over 15 years. Before you pay a handyman franchise or contractor over $100/hour, please call me, or text me if more convenient, at 484-682-5493 for free quotes and to answer all your questions.

Everyone likes before/after painting photos. Note the ceiling wallpaper that was removed!

Some new projects I've been working on.